When you think of the future of websites what do you think of? Holograms? 3D? Well, when we think of the future of websites we think of Artificial Intelligences; Alexa, Google Home, Cortana, and Bixby. The machines that will be reading and ranking websites for you when you ask them to find things. That’s why we’ve designed a site for impatient people and impatient robots.

Lightning Fast AMP

Our Jetsite includes an Accelerated Mobile Page which is a Google innovation involving stripped back code and super fast response times.

Professional Email

Each site comes with your own custom email account that we can setup on all your devices and run your business through

Facebook Page

Each of our Jetsites comes with a Facebook Page because we want you to be found wherever your customers are looking.

Account Manager

All of our Jetsites are backed by a dedicated account manager. Not only do we do everything for you in setting it up we also manage it for you too. All you need to do is sit back in awe.

What Is A Jetsite?

At heart a Jetsite is just an incredibly fast website, but that’s selling it a bit short. A Jetsite with its Accelerated Mobile Page allows a business to quickly enter the online space and stay there at an extremely affordable price. Jetsites are simple one page websites jam packed with features to help your business be found online and chosen over your competitors.

Show Me An Example

Why Get A Jetsite?

One thing is certain, in 2018 your business needs a website. Between people using their smartphones for everything and virtual assistants making decisions for them the chance for your business to be found without a website is slowly disappearing. Word of Mouth has moved online and people are trusting online reviews as much as their closest friends or family.

So it’s clear your business needs a website but why a Jetsite? Well you could spend hundreds of hours fiddling around on a DIY platform, uploading photos, writing code, optimising the site, buying domains, sorting out hosting plans, setting up emails and building links, we won’t stop you if that’s what you want to do. You could also pay thousands of dollars for a custom site that will need to be refreshed in a few years, again, we won’t stop you from that. If however you just want a simple site that gets your business found online, is quick, professional, looks good on mobiles and desktop computers, and won’t cost you a small fortune then the Jetsite is for you.

What’s even better is that we’ll take care of everything for you, why pay for a DIY site that you’ll never finish when you can pay less for a Jetsite designed and managed by experts for you? All you need to do is give us the green light and we’ll take care of all your website needs. If you want to know more about our Jetsite features then keep scrolling if you have already made up your mind then click the button below.

Lets Get Started

Info Panel

The need for fast reliable data has lead us to create an Infopanel that structures all your site’s data in an easily accessible and prominent area on the site. Your customers will be happy that they can easily find out your details without too much searching, and the machines that crawl your site to look for these details will also be happy because we have coded the Infopanel to be exceptionally fast and easy to find.

Accelerated Mobile Page

AMP technology is an initiative from Google to create exceptionally fast pages for smartphones. Smartphones don’t have the computing power of normal computers but people are using them more than ever. So what we’ve done is use the Google AMP technology to make our Jetsites show up 4 times faster than the average website on smartphones. For you this means happier customers, more traffic and more calls.

Facebook Page

All of our Jetsites come with a Facebook Page for your business. Facebook has millions of users in Australia and any small business that wants to be found online and chosen by customers needs to have a Facebook page.


We have developed a review aggregation technology called Metareview. This technology looks at all of your business listings on the web, aggregates all of the reviews on those listings, weights them depending on their reliability score and then presents a total figure that can be proudly displayed on your website.

Your Own Domain Name

You can choose the domain name to go with your Jetsite, we acquire the domain for you and manage it on our Tier 1 hosting platform. We also provide a professional business email linked to each domain.